Yamaha YH-L700A 3D Sound Field, Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphone, Advance Noise Canceling, Ambient Sound, Listening Optimizer, Black, with mic (YH-L700A Black)

Yamaha YH-L700A 3D Sound Field, Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphone, Advance Noise Canceling, Ambient Sound, Listening Optimizer, Black, with mic (YH-L700A Black)


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Yamaha HeadphonesYamaha Headphones

Yamaha L700Yamaha L700

Yamaha YH-L700 Wireless Headphone


With our unique and proprietary technology, we’ve created the only headphones and earphones that truly adapt to you and your environment.

3D Sound Field

3D Sound Field with head tracking: experience movies and videos on your mobile device with a cinema-like sound that immerses you in the action, at home or on the go

Bluetooth 5 with aptX

Stable wireless connectivity and premium streaming quality.

Key Features of Yamaha YH-L700A Headphones Listening Optimizer 3D Sound Field with Head Tracking Advanced ANC 34 Hours Battery Life Simple Controls Voice Assistant Line-In Comes with Carry Case

Yamaha l700 headphoneYamaha l700 headphone


Be transported to the front row of your favorite music performance or become immersed in the latest movie. The L700 draws on unrivalled experience in acoustic and electric sound technologies to deliver brilliant performances – no matter the type of content.

yamaha headphones l700yamaha headphones l700


A complete immersive sound space optimized for the ultimate multi-dimensional listening adventure.

yamaha l700 noise cancellation headphoneyamaha l700 noise cancellation headphone


Yamaha’s unique noise cancellation technology never interferes with the sound source, eliminating only the noise and expressing the purist sound signal.

yamaha YH-l700 wireless headphoneyamaha YH-l700 wireless headphone


Internal microphones constantly measure your ear canal and listening condition, ensuring pure reference sound for the ultimate listening outcome.

Yamaha l700 headphoneYamaha l700 headphone

True Sound

yamaha headphones l700yamaha headphones l700

Signature 3D Sound

yamaha l700 noise cancellation headphoneyamaha l700 noise cancellation headphone

Active Noise Cancellation

yamaha YH-l700 wireless headphoneyamaha YH-l700 wireless headphone

Optimised for My Experience

Technologies of Yamaha YH-L700A Wireless Headphones

Listening Care – AdvancedListening Care – Advanced

Listening OptimizerListening Optimizer

Advanced Active Noise CancellingAdvanced Active Noise Cancelling

3D Sound Field3D Sound Field

Listening Care – Advanced

Listening Care on the Yamaha YH-L700 wireless headphone takes a real-time, adaptive approach that uses the data for the past 5 seconds, calculating the average volume level every 0.7ms. The correction applied across a 4-band EQ is adaptive according to the average volume level. Optimization is therefore realized with significantly higher accuracy, relative to the content volume on an ongoing basis. Further, in order to obtain a more natural effect, the correction parameters are applied slowly over time. Your listening experience is customized to the music and your surroundings meaning a completely individualized sound, just for you.

Listening Optimizer

Yamaha’s Listening Optimizer utilizes an in-ear microphone to measure the seal and air leakage from different shaped ears every 20 seconds. Playback is optimized in real-time to correct the difference between the source and the actual listening condition, delivering a sound customized to the individual listener.

Advanced Active Noise Cancelling

Active noise cancellation has a reputation for losing low frequency signals during music playback. Advanced ANC takes a new approach, suppressing ambient noise without applying any processing to the music signal.

In-ear microphones listen to the combined signals of music and noise, separating the signal processing of background noise and music. It achieves this by isolating the two from each other in a new, unique algorithm.

The signal collected by the inner microphone analyzes the noise, calculating what should be removed from the playback music signal so that only noise is erased. This means there is no unnecessary processing of the music signal, preserving the purity of the music.

3D Sound Field

3D SOUND FIELD draws on over 30 years of using CINEMA DSP processing in home theater products to transform 2-channel listening into a multi-channel experience. It localizes the sound source by using proprietary HRTF (head-related transfer function) audio technology, synthesizing binaural audio and rendering the two-channel sound source into a three-dimensional sound space.

Features of Yamaha Y-L700A Wireless Headphones


Voice Assistant/Hands-FreeVoice Assistant/Hands-Free

Swivel FoldingSwivel Folding

Line InLine In


Charging Time: about 3.5H

Usage Time : Max 34H (Advanced ANC=ON, 3D Sound Field=OFF)

Usage Time : Max 11H (Advanced ANC=ON, 3D Sound Field=ON)

Voice Assistant/Hands-Free

Use your voice not your hands. Voice assistants* such as Siri and Google Assistant* are available with a single touch on the headphone/earphone. Hands-free calling is possible by operating the buttons on the main unit.

*Availability of voice command services varies by region.

Swivel Folding

Folding of the Yamaha YH-L700A headphones makes for even easier portability reducing the headphone size significantly making them the perfect travel partner.

Line In

When wireless listening isn’t important, using the line-in allows you to use the DAC of your Hi-Res audio device for better sound, or simply minimizes additional battery usage when using wireless connectivity.

Listening Optimizer: optimizes the sound in real time, adapting to you and your environment
Advanced ANC: cut the noise, not the music with this Yamaha-exclusive Active Noise-Cancelling technology that leaves your music pure and untouched
Ambient Sound: choose when you need to be aware of your surroundings
Listening Care: intelligent equalization for full-range sound at lower listening volumes, including dynamic monitoring of content and background noise levels

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